Honesty - Integrity - Transparency

MarkIT was founded on these core principles which have been the pillar of our company and the basis of our success since we first started in 2013. Based in St. Thomas, Ontario, we service the Southwest region of Ontario as well as remote services beyond our borders.

More than just the basic services

When you need assistance with your business, call us first. We have the resources and partnerships to get it done!

Specializing in small to medium sized business

Right from start up to fully operational and multi-regional, we have clients with operations North America wide. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions to help efficiency and save money. We have worked to build partnerships and resources to provide everything needed in a business. With highly qualified and experienced professional IT personnel, we consistently deliver the right solution for our clients.

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Not just a 'fix & leave' service

What sets us apart from many IT service companies is that we are'Business Consultants' not just a 'Fix it' and leave service. We can help fix your issues, but we provide solid analysis of the problem first and then the solutions that will prevent future occurences that help save cost.

Our partners

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